Just Great Clocks for the Home

Kitchen clocks might seem an odd thing to start yearning for, but as one of the few permanent fixtures in your home they might ought to be. Whether you live in a one bedroom flat or five-story mansion there is good chance that you are going to spend a lot of time in you kitchen.

Morning after morning spent carefully sipping hot coffee and polishing off a couple slices of toast before you head off for yet another day of work. At some point during this monotonous process its more than likely that you will tilt your head skyward at take a good look to see how many milliseconds you have left before you grab your coat and leave your home behind for the day. It therefore stands to reason that you should gather some excitement, or at the very least some amusement, as you stare up at the minute hands. It is a myth that kitchen clocks have to be dull, and a quick browse of the right places will open up a vault of eccentric wonders ready to grace the wall above the stove…or perhaps not?

I can already hear the furious typing of disagreeing readers, all of the opinion that kitchen clocks are the spherical face of evil, the death rattle calling them to abandon home comforts in favour of office blocks and factory yards. Why oh why would you want to complicate this mutual hatred by personifying the face or lightening the colour? The dark stainless steel disk is surely a favourite for these souls.

Whatever your inclination towards kitchen clocks, there is a ready-made solution. Different types, colours, prices and sizes await in a scene reminiscent of Alice in wonderland.

Let us first examine the typical dynamics of kitchen clocks. On the whole they will be wall clocks, modest in stature due to the vast amount of space consuming appliances that lie in this particular room. It is rare that you will be able to accommodate a grandfather clock in a venue that could already contain an oven, fridge, dishwasher and washing machine. Those who could are very fortunate indeed. This is why the more standard of kitchen clocks will be around 30cm in diameter and fit comfortably on most walls around other cumbersome objects. Due to the nature and history of the clock itself, it is also likely to be of a round persuasion, unless you have opted for a digital kitchen clock. These specifications are common in most warehouse stores and will not test the purse strings too heavily. However, if you are intent on belying the norm and expanding your horizons when it comes to kitchen clocks then please read on.

For starters, please relinquish the preconception that kitchen clocks must be refined to the circle shape. There are some quite wondrous alternatives in guises that you could only have dreamt of before seeing. It must be said that there are indeed some quite eloquent and brilliantly made spherical clocks. This shape does not merely lend itself to the shiny factory line production, and a quick browse around a specialist clock shop will help you realise this.

Again this is an area that is vast and diverse when it comes to taste. Some are beautifully crafted wooden pieces with painted roman numerals around the edge where as others are metallic based and emblazon an evocative motif or poster. These will vary in price depending on the materials and skill that has gone into the production, but most will emanate around the £50 mark. There are also similar kitchen clocks of the same quality but in a rectangular shape. Mirroring the mantelpiece clock they are a twist on the original but can be just as aesthetically pleasing.

For those seeking a bit of humour or variety when selecting their kitchen clock, then it may be worthwhile steering your attention to a range of novel clocks, all focused around a constant theme. Take for example, the kitchen clock in the guise of a dairy cow. The face of the animal is rather predictably where the clock face resides, 9 and 3 occupying the space just below the eyes. The black and white spotted rear lies behind, and the piece de la resistance is a hanging pink tongue, which acts as a second hand. Fun alternatives like this are a great idea for families, especially those with young children.

Continuing on this vein, you could opt for a humorous table set model. The cup and saucer act as the face, displaying the four standard time frames, however this time it is a small teaspoon that quivers below cracking from side to side each passing second. Finally, for the ocean lovers out there, you can have a clock in the shape of fish, with a flickering tail below.

Now you have decided which type of kitchen clock to get, you now have to make sure you choose the right one to match. For all the wannabe Linda Barker’s out there, there will certainly be an issue of clashing with the colour scheme in the room. Certain colours contrast whereas others fuse quite nicely. Only your own personal instinct can direct you to the perfect choice, however it is probably a safe bet that if you have a bright red kitchen then a lime green clock will probably not feel quite at home.

The destination for kitchen clocks is almost as varied as the selection itself. Whether you are shopping in the high street of from the armchair, you should easily be able to find a plethora of minute hands and running numbers. It must be remarked however that the Internet is perhaps the better resource for this particular purchase. Specialist shops have found themselves trading online more and more recently as they strive to reach a wider market. In this instance clock manufacturers are no different. All the above-mentioned designs are available at quality online merchandisers, happily accepting any form of credit or debit card.